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5. Decisions: Touring and Dissemination of Work Scheme – 2011 (Strand 2)

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7. Decisions: Visual Artists' Workspace Scheme 2011

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Vol 8 Issue 3
30 November 2010

7. Decisions: Visual Artists' Workspace Scheme 2011

Following the Council’s policy Visual Artists’ Workspaces in Ireland -A New Approach, this new scheme was introduced with the aim of assisting group studios throughout the country to provide the best possible environment for working visual artists and, where feasible, to enable a level of subsidy for resident visual artists.

The scheme awards grants of up to €30,000 towards running costs such as light, heat, rent, visual artists’ development programmes, administration and/or appropriate salary costs. The funding was available as a once-off grant for 2011. There was an overall available fund of €250,000.

There were 54 eligible applications received, with a demand of €1,270,666. The scheme is administered by Visual Artists Ireland on behalf of the Arts Council.

Further information

  • To view the artists and organisations in receipt of funding - please go to the decisions database on the Arts Council website: select 'Visual artists workspace scheme' from the 'Fund' menu; select the year '2011' and click on 'Search'.
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