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New Arts Council Collection acquisitions – 2021
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COVID-19 Guidelines for the Safe Presentation of Festivals and Live Events.
Development of new Arts Council Policy in the area of Arts Participation
Digital Toolbox for the Arts
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COVID-19 Reopening Guidelines for Young People, Children and Education
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Engaging with Architecture Scheme – deadline 17:30 Thursday 19 August 2021
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Deadline: Project Awards, Thursday, 19 August 2021
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Irish Memory Orchestra
Digital Toolbox for the Arts


Digital Toolbox for the Arts

The toolbox has been created using the expertise and learning of those who have created digital work in the past 18 months and highlights good practice, allowing arts practitioners to learn from each other.  


This toolbox contains a set of resources and checklists which are designed to help you think about how and why to make work available digitally and what is involved. It contains four sections. In each section you will find a series of questions or prompts to inform your thinking about presenting work digitally.   


  • General objectives - the why and how of presenting work digitally 
  • Production planning and delivery
  • Sharing your work
  • Evaluation: assisting you to measure your outcomes against project objectives.


The Future is Bright webinar series

Accompanying the toolbox is a series of webinars held with artists and producers on the 27 and 28 May discussing the key themes that emerged during the development of the toolbox.


No going back

A webinar that looks at strategic planning and integration across the sector, highlighting best practice in hybrid production and presentation.  How do organisations plan for this new reality?



Focusing on creativity within the framework of digital creation, we look at some creative and  innovative practices now and in the future. This webinar also focuses on equality, human rights and diversity as integral to innovative practices 


The Business End

Navigating the tricky terrain of copyright, IP, monetisation and ensuring that income streams are maintained including non-fungible tokens (NFT)


Innovation in Dissemination

Focusing on developments within platforms - existing and new platforms, what are the options and how do organisations optimise audiences? How do organisations achieve broadcast quality?  Or should they aim to?



Visit the Arts Council website


Download the digital toolbox


Watch the webinar videos



The toolbox was produced by Culture Works and commissioned by the Arts Council.