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Welcome to the April edition of our Newsletter
News this month
The Arts Council Information Sessions on Dignity and Respect at Work
Arts Council renews its partnership with Music Generation to December 2020
The Arts Council is procuring the services of a Research Adviser
NCCA Leaving Certificate Art - Consultation
Grants and Awards
Film Artist in Residence (Screenwriter) University College Cork 1 September 2018–31 August 2019
New Touring and Dissemination of Work Scheme Closing Dates announced
Commissions Award next closing date - 5:30 p.m, Thursday 3 May 2018
Deadline: Opera Projects and Production Award
News from the community
Belltable:Connect Masterclass Series: Mask and Clown, led by Simon Thompson
Words Ireland @ ILFDublin: A National Day for Writers
Welcome to the April edition of our Newsletter

Most people, when they think about the arts, bring to mind the work – a play, a book, a concert, an exhibition, a performance, or even a day when they made work themselves.


The Arts Council, however, as the agency for developing the arts, must also concern itself with all of the circumstances under which the work gets to be made, the entire arts ecology. As part of this, of course, we recognise that arts organisations are businesses, run by professionals, and they operate within the same legal and regulatory framework as other businesses.


And that is why we offer a range of supports for arts organisations and artists.


In the area of governance, as well as our own Code of Governance, we offer a very useful Practical Guide for Board Members of Arts Organisations and a Companies Act 2014 Constitution Template. Arts organisations might also find useful the documents from our Compliance and Governance Conference.


We encourage arts organisations to adopt best practice in other areas too, such as in child protection and welfare, where organisations can ensure they are up to date in their approach.


For organisations and artists that use one or more animals in presenting their work, we also offer guidance here.


We are also committed to supporting organisations in developing and maintaining a culture of dignity and respect in the workplace. To that end, this month, we will be hosting a series of information sessions for arts organisations and individuals around the country – you can see more details in this Newsletter.


Of course, we also provide, through our support of resource organisations, an infrastructure across the arts which gives tailored supported to artists and organisations.



Best wishes,

Orlaith McBride