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8. €300,000 awarded under Theatre Schemes

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Vol 8 Issue 12
31 August 2011

8. €300,000 awarded under Theatre Schemes

The Arts Council has announced the recipients of this year’s Theatre Schemes which were introduced in 2010 as part of the Council's ongoing support for the production and presentation of theatre. The three schemes are:

Theatre Artist Residency – to provide directors and other theatre artists with the opportunity to develop a programme of work over an extended period of time in collaboration with venues and local authorities. The Arts Council received a total of 13 applications of which 7 were funded, total €93,000.

Theatre Development Funding – to enable organisations to provide mediated training and development opportunities in a mentored group context. The Arts Council received a total of 10 applications of which 6 were funded, total €97,000.

Theatre Resource Sharing – to enable organisations in receipt of Arts Council funding to make services and production and administration resources available to individuals and organisations not in receipt of core funding. The Arts Council received a total of 7 applications and all were funded, total €110,000.

  • To view the groups in receipt of funding - please go to the decisions database on the Arts Council website: select the title of the chosen scheme above from the 'Fund' menu; then select the year '2011'. 
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