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New Arts Council Collection acquisitions – 2021

The Arts Council is delighted to announce that it has added 30 artworks to its Collection which will be seen by audiences across Ireland in coming years. The artists whose work has now been added to the Collection are David Beattie, Myrid Carten, Brian Fay, Laura Fitzgerald, Ann Maria Healy, Austin Ivers, John Lalor, Leanne McDonagh, Kevin Mooney, Paul Nugent, Mandy O’Neill, Vera Ryklova, Rajinder Singh, Katie Watchorn, Emma Wolf-Haugh.

The artworks newly added to the collection are by artists who live and work in communities both across Ireland and internationally. The acquisitions include video, installation, sculpture, painting, drawing and photography and bring the total number of artworks in the Collection to over 1,230. This continues a proud history of the Arts Council purchasing excellent and ambitious art reflecting the immense quality of visual arts practice today.

List of works acquired:

David Beattie, Propositional things, 2017

Myrid Carten, WEB III, 2019

Brian Fay, MJ 16, 2020

Laura Fitzgerald, Fantasy Farming, 2020

Ann Maria Healy, When Dealers Are Shamans, 2018

Austin Ivers, RUF0858, 2020

ADM,3 2020

HP85, 2020

HT600E, 2020

Plus, 2020

Switch, 2020

SX20, 2020

TM22U, 2020

The World at War, 2020

John Lalor, Incident Urbain, 2013

Leanne McDonagh, Kathleen, 2017

Kevin Mooney, Apparition, 2018

Beast, 2020

Paul Nugent, Obscura I, 2017

Mandy O’Neill, Diane at Larkin Community College, from the series Champions Avenue, 2018

Untitled from the series Champions Avenue, 2018

Vera Ryklova, Untitled #5001, from series Aesthetic Distance, 2015

Rajinder Singh, Border Tours, 2019/2020

Point at a passing migrant bird with a raised locked arm and an open palm, 2020

Katie Watchorn, Balehome, 2018

Carbolic, 2018

A Calf Remembered, 2018

Emma Wolf-Haugh, Modernist Furniture for Lesbian Homes, 2020

Coiffeuse – Kerstin’s Home, 2020

Transat Chair – Line’s Home, 2020

Bibendum Chair – Emma’s Home, 2020