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Exhibitions showcasing the Arts Council Collection taking place this Summer & Autumn 2021

The loneliness of Being German: Thomas Brezing & Vera Klute - Limerick City Gallery of Art features works, 8th July – 12th September 2021

This two-person exhibition of new work by Thomas Brezing and Vera Klute will interrogate the issue of "identity" and ask what creates a sense of belonging and how influential is the past?  These questions resonate throughout the work of Klute and Brezing.  Through their personal experiences of living in Ireland, they examine German sensitivities and question how they deal with identity, heritage and guilt. The artists share many similarities in their personal lives and practices and share a "love for the handmade in art" and a curiosity about different materials.  However they also have different approaches to their respective practices with Klute demonstrating a detailed and refined approach to the human body while Brezing describes his work as raw, rough and often about the environment. Both artists have won many accolades for their work and are included in both public and private collections.


Featuring the artwork Breakage by Vera Klute from the Arts Council Collection.


The Narrow Gate of the Here-and-Now IMMA: 30 Years of the Global Contemporary, Irish Museum of Modern Art - July 2021 to July 2022.


The Irish Museum of Modern Art is currently working towards a major museum-wide exhibition, The Narrow Gate of the Here-and-Now IMMA: 30 Years of the Global Contemporary, which will celebrate IMMA’s 30th birthday by showcasing the IMMA Collection and the history of the museum since 1991. The exhibition will open in phases throughout 2021, each signalling a chapter of The Narrow Gate of the Here-and-Now.  The exhibition will open in four phases throughout 2021, with each new chapter exploring specific themes within IMMA’s 30-year history.


The exhibition traces urgent themes across the 30-year period as they impact the personal, the political and the planetary, and prompts thinking about the effects of globalisation today in the Irish context as we respond to global crises from COVID-19 to Climate Change and the Black Lives Matter movement. Through IMMA’s Collection and Archive, in combination with several key loans, the exhibition will explore ideas of bodily autonomy, conflict and protest, the Anthropocene era, and digital technologies, with the aim to represent a diverse history of artistic responses to these themes.

Featuring the artworkEimear Walshe, The Land Question: Where the fuck am I supposed to have sex? 2020 from the Arts Council Collection.