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Coming Soon: Movie-style trailers for all the arts
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Coming Soon: Movie-style trailers for all the arts

In our digital world, video has become a powerful way to promote upcoming arts events, and many people would rather watch a movie-style trailer or a short news report than read an article or a brochure.

Although some arts organisations in Ireland, are already making these sort of promotional /news videos, and would like them to be viewed by as many people as possible, we don’t have a central structure for distributing them.

The Arts Council would like to create such a structure, to help generate more videos, ensure they are in a unifying format, distribute them in as many additional ways as possible (eg. social media, Culturefox, YouTube, Vimeo), and package some as ‘arts magazine’ programmes for broadcast.

Our ambition is that within a year, most arts organisations will be making and editing their own trailers or news pieces about upcoming concerts, plays, gigs, performances, exhibitions -- and encouraging people to attend.

This is an exciting prospect -- imagine, for example, if for every work that goes on tour you could see a short interview with the artist, the director, the curator to whet your appetite before it reached your local venue!

We’ve engaged the Institute of Local Television for this project; its team members have considerable experience of this from Scotland, they take a very practical approach and are focused on getting things done.

To that end they will be engaging with arts organisations across the country in the months ahead, making videos, training/mentoring and helping arts organisations to make and edit their own, assisting with promotion, building a central structure.

So watch out for them at arts events, please extend them every courtesy. If you're an artist or you work for an arts organisation and you would like to get involved, Dr David Rushton of the Institute of Local Television would love to hear from at local.tv@virgin.net


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