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Deadline: Dance Artist Residency Scheme - 5:30pm, Thursday, 17 May 2012

Deadline: Deis Scheme - 5:30pm, Thursday, 17 May 2012

Deadline: Traditional Arts Commissions Award - 5.30pm, Thursday, 17 May 2012

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Vol 9 Issue 8
30 April 2012

Deadline: Dance Artist Residency Scheme - 5:30pm, Thursday, 17 May 2012

The deadline for the next round of Dance Artist Residency Scheme is 5.30pm, Thursday, 17 May 2012.


The purpose of this scheme is to stabilise and support a network of dance artists in residence across the country. The specific contents of the work programme will be designed by the dance artist in collaboration with the venue and local authority.


The aims of this scheme are

  • to consolidate both professional and community based dance practice in a variety of regional
  • to offer opportunities to dance artists around the country to engage in a programme of artistic work relevant to their own practise;
  • to offer opportunities to local authorities and venues to develop dance practise in their area;
  • to encourage the development of long-term planning and sustainability of independent dance


Professional dance artists, venues or local authorities can apply for this scheme. Applications must demonstrate the committed support of at least one local authority and one venue or a combination of local authorities and venues.

Details on the schemes along with criteria and guidelines are available here.


Please note

Applications will only be accepted through the Arts Council’s online services website. Applicants who have not previously used this system must register in advance of making an application. It can take up to five days for registrations to be confirmed so it is very important that you register as early as possible.

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