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1. The Arts Council awards bursaries to more than 100 artists across Ireland

2. The Arts Council announces the recipients of the Young Ensemble Scheme 2010

3. The Arts Council announces €1 million touring fund

4. Decisions: Theatre Project Award 2010

5. Deis decisions: recipients from April's round and the Deis recording round

6. The Arts Council announces the recipient of the Location One Fellowship 2010

7. Arts Audiences publishes key reports from the Build Your Audience Scheme

8. The Arts Council announces new policy on visual artists' workspaces

9. Reminder: Bursary Awards round 2 2010 closing date - 5:30 p.m, Thursday, 15 July, 2010

10. News from the Arts Community

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Vol 7 Issue 10
30 June 2010

2. The Arts Council announces the recipients of the Young Ensemble Scheme 2010

The Arts Council is delighted to announce the funding decisions for the Young Ensembles Scheme for 2010. Twenty two ensembles have been offered funding amounting to €180,091. There were 49 eligible applications and the total demand was €415,730

The primary purpose of the award is to support groups of young people between the ages of 12 and 23 to create ambitious and original work together in any artform (e.g., circus, dance, digital media, film, music, theatre, literature, visual arts, or any combination of the above).

The Young Ensembles Scheme was first introduced in 2008 and includes an evaluation process that continues to inform provision of Arts Council support for children and young people.

Speaking about the initiative the Arts Council’s Head of Young People, Children, and Education (YPCE), Gaye Tanham, said: “The quality of the applications received this year was particularly good, reflecting the excellent work that is happening throughout Ireland in the area of youth arts. We will, as in previous years, find opportunities for the successful applicants to share their work with each other and the wider youth arts sector.”

To view the artists and organisations in receipt of funding - please go to the decisions database on the Arts Council website: select 'Young ensembles scheme' from the 'Fund' menu; select the year '2010' and click on 'Search'.


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